Wi-Fi Marketing

Gain customers insights and learn about their needs. Turn your Public Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool. 

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Convert Wi-Fi Into Social Marketing Channel

Thanks to SOCIFI you have the power to increase your brand awareness, revenue, obtain a new and effective Wi-Fi social marketing and get most of the relationship with your visitors & customers.

Live Up Your Wi-Fi Marketing

Campaign Management

Manage your campaigns for all your brands from one place. SOCIFI provides you with metrics for measuring campaigns' effectiveness and all related analytical data.

User Data Export

It's important to use all relevant data we collect and improve your business. Get Real-Time API or use simple CSV export. Synchronize with MailChimp, Salesforce, and other popular systems. 

SOCIFI Cloud Dashboard

achieve your marketing goals thanks to

Wi-Fi Marketing

Find out how to use Wi-Fi Marketing Channel and monetize & communicate thru your Wi-Fi Networks.

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