Marketing with BEACONS

Beacons represent an advanced technology that is very simple. When you are interested in Indoor/Outdoor Positioning, Indoor/Outdoor Behavior Tracking, Nearby Notifications, Increase your sale and your venue visit rate.

Physical & Digital World

SOCIFI is Beacon vendor agnostic SAAS solution. Which means you can use any Eddystone Beacons with SOCIFI.

Beacons are small low-cost units allowing you to communicate with visitors thru Nearby Notifications, dete
ct Human Presence, generate Heat Maps, measure motion, ambient light, temperature and more. 

The solution is suitable for FMCG, HORECA, and similar places with a high concentration of people.


Beacons for venues

Nearby Notification and App Promotion

Beacons allow you to redirect users who tap on Nearby Notification to the Google Play Store or a Web Page of Your Choice in a single click. Alternatively, Beacon can notify the user that an installed app associated with the venue he is at can be opened.

SOCIFI Beacon Digital Solution

Nearby Notifications

Nearby Notification enables offer delivery or app promotion connected with a specific place. When a user has installed the application, the system offers him its opening screen.

HeatMaps, Proximity Measuring

With high precision and low setup and maintenance costs, Beacons are one of the best technologies for footfall analysis of humans, shopping carts or trolleys.

Application SDK

SOCIFI allows you to use Beacon Nearby Notifications without any application on users' devices. For complex cases, we offer SDK integration which allows you to track telemetry and other relevant data and action triggering.

Reporting & REST API

SOCIFI SAAS provides you with a complete monitoring for all analytical data which you can also export or request thru REST API.

Three easy steps to get started

How To Start With Nearby Notification & Beacons

SOCIFI made everything hassle free for you. If you are looking for Heat Maps and Location Engine solution, please contact SOCIFI support or your SOCIFI representative with a Custom Project Request.

1. SOCIFI Account

Open Starter or Professional Beacon account at Starter is suitable for up to 2 Beacons. Professional tariff is designed for 3+ Beacons.

2. Configuration

Configure your existing Bacons based on SOCIFI Manuals or order Beacons from your favourite vendor. Create a New Campaign over the Dashboard.

3. Deployment

Place your Beacon units at your location above crowds and objects. Congratulations, you are all set.

Beacon Use Cases

Push notifications

Nearby Notification

Notify your customers and even passerby about special deals, local events, promotions and in a case of emergency notify anyone around thru the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS).

Beacons SDK

Application Intent

Have an application linked with a specific place? Or do you want to promote any application based on the geo location? The app will be promoted in a case it is not already installed. If yes, the user will be reminded to open it up.

Beacons Heatmaps

Heat Maps & Tracking

Low-Cost and Maintenance-Free Beacons Technology makes HeatMaps one of the top reason why to use Beacons. Locate your visitors, trolleys or other devices and visually analyze all collected data.

Use Cases With Beacons

Beacon Technology with SOCIFI SAAS is an easy-to-use solution with an affordable price. You will see great results in no time. See for yourself.


When it comes to cutting-edge retail, HORECA & FCMG marketing, one technology is on the top of mind and it is Beacon. Promote your goods to your customers when they reach a specific area thru Nearby Notification.

Notify even just passerby about your store and offers. Invite the passerby to visit your store. Generate HeatMaps for your marketing insights. Effortlessly & Affordably.


Promote application connected with the venue. SOCIFI SAAS will promote the app to users who don't have it yet and reminds opening it up to users who already have it.

Promote special events, merchandising or any other services. Generate HeatMaps and offer a report with an added value to your tenants and stores.


One of many reasons to deploy Beacons is public safety. SOCIFI SAAS can interconnect a local emergency feed and display any alert thru Nearby Notification.

You can also promote sponsored campaigns (from Sponsors and Advertisers) to generate revenue, promote applications, generate HeatMaps and trigger Nearby Notification when the passenger reaches a specific area.


Notify your customers about special deals, offers and campaigns and invite passerby to visit your branch. You can also measure telemetry (temperature, ambient light, pressure) to get more insights of your locations.

Know how many people are in at any time directly from SOCIFI SAAS Dashboard. 

SOCIFI is Beacon Vendor Agnostic SAAS Solution.

Supported Beacon Vendors

Use any Eddystone Beacons with SOCIFI. Choose from any vendor your prefer such as Accent Systems, Estimote, Radius Networks, Beacon Inside, Blesh, Blueup, Bluvision, Nordic Semiconductor, Seencoro, Signal 360, and any other Eddystone Beacon vendor. See more →

Supported Beacons Vendors

Take The Control Over Your Beacon Network

Speedy Deployment

SOCIFI SAAS for Beacons is designed as a self-service solution. This means you can configure your beacons easily by yourself.

Cloud Management

Manage all your Beacons, Nearby Notifications and Campaigns over SOCIFI SAAS Dashboard easily.

Data Mining

Export all analytical data and/or synchronize it with your own systems and databases.

Multi-Device Ready

Full support for all Android 4.4+ devices without any app integration. Full support for all iOS devices with our SOCIFI SAAS SDK.

Nearby Notification Control

You are in a full charge what and when Nearby Notification should be displayed to passengers, visitors, passerby and customers.

Beacons Security

The location of your Beacon is tracked and if the Beacon is missing, SOCIFI SAAS will let you know.

SOCIFI Beacon Support Desk. Start with any Eddystone Beacon. All are compatible with SOCIFI. Click here →

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