4G Market Challenges

The MNO market is saturated and unfairly positioned in favor of OTT content. Customers are taking advantage of this situation and they change providers when they’re not completely satisfied.

Acquisition costs are up, the short-term revenue boost in data will not offset the decline of voice and the conversion for data packages is low.

Your infrastructure is battered by the mobile tsunami and you earn no revenue from this consumer demand.

How can you face this challenge? SOCIFI is a new game changer. Our promise is to help you with your 4G challenges. From now on and forever.

4G Sponsored Data ecosystem

Sponsored Data Monetization Plan Supercharges Your 4G Network

Customers Acquisition

Reach customers with other carriers. Promote new data plans with sponsored data and acquire new customers. Increase your conversion rates.

Create new revenue

SOCIFI allows you to capitalize on the multimedia space of your network for commercial and advertising partnerships. 

Become a love brand

Wondering how to engage the masses? Offer ad-sponsored data plans and become a love brand. With SOCIFI you have that power, and generate revenue at the same time.

Keep customers satisfied

Wondering how you can collect feedback from your customers to improve their satisfaction with your services? We provide you with a great tool that gives you the insight you are looking for in no time.

Creates Benefits. Thru Satisfaction.

4G Sponsored Data creates benefits for all. Operator-Cunsumer-Brand .

4G Operator

Operator has the new mobile data monetization opportunity. Simply by offering data plan sponsorships.


Subscribers save money on their monthly data plans thanks to engagement with advertisers.


Advertisers unlock the new opportunity to gain more fans, increase engagement and brand awareness.

Sponsored Data Monetization Solution 
You Haven't Seen Before

Focused On User

It is not just about ad delivery, it's about communication, great user experience and engagement. Businesses need to get social, gain more fans and followers for the content they post. SOCIFI Engagement App is ready to serve.

Built-in Ad Server & Campaign Management

SOCIFI is self-service advertising platform that gives you and your advertisers full control over marketing communication. Easy-to-use, still powerful enough to produce great results.

Billing & Reporting

SOCIFI Solution handles the process of billing the advertisers and reporting operators through API, SOCIFI Dashboard or other preferred data exchange solution.

Preferred Deals & Precise Targeting

Preferred deals can arrange direct deals between operator and preferred advertiser or media agency. Be more exclusive and have unique ad inventory.

Advertising & Communication

SOCIFI brings you unique solution that is closer to communication on social networks than the traditional digital advertising. Reach out your target audience whenever you wish to. No Limits. No Surprises.

Consumer enagament through SOCIFI Engagement App

Engagement Application

SOCIFI Engagement Application allows operators to create a new communication channel. Subscribers can discover new sponsored data plans. They interact with third-party campaigns and get loyal.

Fema IPAWS Alerts

Wifi public safety


Be socially responsible. When you use SOCIFI you protect your visitors with enhanced alert messages which are compatible with FEMA’s IPAWS messaging system.

Communication & Revenue Stream

It’s up to you to set the ratio between displaying your news, entertainment & third-party ad campaigns that generate you the new income.

Yield management

SOCIFI Media Network

New Revenue Booster

Interconnect hyper-local or preferred adverters directly to your network. Manage the delivery of Preferred Deals and monitor the performance on your network. Locate and target your audience thanks to Campaign Management.

Wi-Fi Advertising Network

Where You Get Advertisers

With SOCIFI cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory.
Secure very own & global advertisers and turn your Wi-Fi in a virtual ATM.

Preferred Advertisers

Obtain content and inventory from your specific advertisers thru Preferred Deals. SOCIFI provides you with all the tools.

Global Advertisers

Relevant content that targets masses on a global scale being delivered to you from SOCIFI Media Network.


Ready-to-start content. Working with the network owner, we fill 100% of the advertising inventory.

Zero Integration Process

Billing & Reporting

The billing and reporting process are managed through API data exchange or Dashboard Reporting.

Privacy & Security

Information about your subscribesis stored in AWS & Azure and encrypted in your account. We also support Local Infrastructure to keep your data on-premise.

Zero Integration Process

Immediate Results

Fast integration process reduces integration costs. Announce this new plans and gain new subscribers in no time.


Use the tools we have. Communicate with your customers, start to know them better and deliver relevant content to them on the move.

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