I. Provider of website

SOCIFI Ltd., (hereinafter “provider”, “we”, “us”) a provider of the website (hereinafter “website”), undertakes to respect privacy of user (hereinafter “you”, “user”). We oblige to handle the information collected by us according to the law, esp. to Directive 95/46/EC.

II. Personal data

By using website user agrees with conditions and principals these privacy policy. We do not collect any information that can be connected to the concrete user (name, address, phone number or e-mail), in case that user does not voluntarily impart them. By using website user may impart his personal data to us and gives approval to use all imparted personal data. We are authorized to use personal data, especially for analyses, presentation and promotion. User is entitled to withdraw approval anytime and apply all his rights resulting from the law. User's approval to us to use his personal data is provided voluntarily to unlimited time period and we can use it until it is withdrawn by user. User is entitled to withdraw approval anytime and apply all his rights resulting from the law.

III. Cookies

Besides the information you provide, we may also collect information during your visit the website through automated tools for data collection, including for example cookies or embedded web links. These tools collect certain traffic information such as browser type and language, access times and address of the page from which you came. They may also collect information regarding your IP address, the behavior of the application of the site (eg. all pages, open links and other actions you take in connection with the website) and product information. Your IP address is used to diagnose traffic on our server, report aggregate information, determine the fastest way to connect your computer to our site, and administer and improve our website. We ensure comfortable use of its products by the user thanks to cookies and adapts the content and functionality of the product according to your own settings without the need to re-adapt the product to the needs of the user. Cookies enable some additional site functionality, or may assist in the accurate analysis of the use of the site. The server can e.g. save on your browser cookie with the help of which you will not need to re-enter the password in case of repeated visit of the website. In all cases in which cookies are used, will not be used to collect personal information, except when you provide it to unambiguous consent.

IV. Ads and links

The website may contain links to websites operated by the third parties. We don't know the content of such websites in details and accepts no responsibility for their content. Referenced content on the website of the third parties in no way supported or approved by us. We assume no liability for any information or materials placed on the websites of third parties nor for any infringement of rights or legitimate interests of third parties, which have occurred on the websites of third parties. Responsibility for the content and operation of referenced websites and damages in connection with their use are exclusively sustained by their operators. The websites operated by the third party are not covered (or may not be covered) by the privacy policy, and therefore the rules, policies, procedures and consequences referred to in this document. We, therefore, recommend to the user to ask operators directly for the conditions of data collection and dissemination.

V. The effectiveness and change of the statement

We reserve the right to amend or modify this document anytime. The change takes effect by the publication on the website unless it is explicitly mentioned another date of effectiveness.

Date of issue 16. 8. 2013, revision 13. 6. 2016

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