What End-Customer sees?

Following video shows how easy is to improve customer engagement, understand your customers better and promote your brand.

SOCIFI Native Ad Format Consists Of Two Screens

Authentication method with social media network is the effective tool for getting analytics data of your visitors. Instead of a lengthy and unfamiliar authentication process, the visitor can connect with a Facebook login, Google+, Twitter or e-mail. You are able to set the design of your Splash page through SOCIFI Dashboard.

Brand Page

On this first page the customer sees your brand, logo and background image you set.

Unique Full Screen Ad

Highly effective & unique native ad formats, messages, surveys are displayed on the second page.

Your Ads on 4G & Wi-Fi Networks

Consumers get a sponsored data plan, advertisers get the premium Ad Inventory and the 4G and Wi-Fi operators increase loyalty from existing customers. Simply the perfect way to customer aquisition.

Smart Responsive Solution

To create an ad you need only one picture. SOCIFI enhances the picture and convert it for all devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Responsive design is the most effective solution to provide a positive user experience and get results.

Native Ad Formats

Click to Website

Click to Website

Create ads to encourage people to visit your website.



Online videos are an exciting and interactive way to engage people and encourage them to visit your site.YouTube video supported!

Offers & Vouchers

Offers & Vouchers

Create offers for your customers to redeem them in the store.

App Install

App Install

Create ads to encourage people to install the app of any kind.

Survey & Feedback

Survey & Feedback

Creating Survey is one of the best ways to engage the visitors. Create a Survey using emoticons to let the visitor express their satisfaction. Or create a Survey using question & answers option.

Social Media

Social Media

Simple promote your Facebook fan page, gain more fans & check-ins and/or promote your Twitter page, gain more followers & tweets. Yeah, that is Social WiFi features in real world.

Free Photo Gallery
For Campaigns & Brands 

Be recognized as a real pro by your target group. SOCIFI integrated stock photo gallery which is available for you to use it for your campaigns. And what is the best? It is completely free of charge for you, our valuable customer & partner.

Over 450,000
free photos

Free feature,
no extra charge

Local & Global Targeting. Just A Click Away.

Reach customers in key locations by country, state/province, city or within a set distance from your business or store. Use day-parting to focus on selected days or day part. Need device or demographic targeting? We have it, SOCIFI is ready to serve!

Wi-Fi In-Session Ad (In-Browser Ad) example

In-Session ads & Messages

Be Seen. Always.

Reach users while they are browsing the internet. Try our In-Session Ads that are displayed right in the users' browser on smart phones, tablets or laptop.

The In-Session Ads allows you to deliver interesting, user-friendly commercials that increase your earnings.

Native Wi-Fi In-Session Ad examples

Budget Is Yours.

It's just you who sets the budget. You can always monitor and adjust your message and targeting to get your desired reach. 

And because we really appreciate your interest in SOCIFI we have a unique and limited opportunity for you. Thanks to our convenient advertising packages you can get up to $150 as complimentary credits for your advertising. No compromises. 

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