Core SOCIFI Features

Core platform features


The welcome page on the splash page is fully under your control. You can upload your logo, background and set the best login options you want to provide customers with. 

Multi-Device Solution

Customize the look of your brand splash page. Insert your logo, background and brand name. SOCIFI automatically resize your logo to fit any device screen.


Target your message in your native language and get the best results. We natively support as many languages as you can imagine. The performance is crucial.

Self Management

The whole system is designed as a self-service solution. You can do everything from A to Z by yourself. Need help? Our customer heroes are ready to help you out with anything you need.

Campaign Tools

Campaign Management

Easy-to-use cloud-based SOCIFI platform helps you and your advertisers create and manage ad campaigns.

Campaign Reporting

The reporting provides you with a window into campaign delivery. Custom Dashboard with all important metrics is always ready in the cloud. 

Daily & Lifetime Caps

No worries about your budget. Simply set your daily and/or lifetime cap and you are all set. Campaigns stop when they reach your goal or limit whatever comes first.

Native Ad Formats

SOCIFI supports wide range of Native Ad Formas. From Clicks to Website, Offers, Vouchers, App Installs over Video, Surveys to Social Networks Formats (Facebook & Twitter).

Stock Photo Gallery

Be recognized as a real pro by your visitors. SOCIFI integrated stock photo gallery which is available for you to use for your campaigns. And what is the best? It is completely free of charge for you, our valuable customer & partner.

Ad Targeting Options

Day Parting

Day Parting allows you to limit an ad to be served on specific days, times, or both. You are in charge all the time. You set the rules.

Demographic Targeting

Target your ads based on information your customers voluntarily share with you, such as name, surname, gender, age and other valuable information. Reaching your target audience has never been easier. 

Device Targeting

Target mobile, tablet or desktop users or even just a particular operating system such as Android or iOS. 


Our geo-targeting allows you to target customers due to geo locations or venues. Target continents, states or cities. Or even specific streets, zip codes or venues.

Analytics & Reporting

Insights & Analytic Data

Convert unknown visitors into known customers. Collect valuable insights, analyze them & sync user data. We provide you with a great tool that gives you the insight you are looking for in no time.

Performance Control

We give you the tools you need that provide insights and allow you to track, manage and optimize campaigns for high performance.

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