Meraki Wi-Fi Marketing & Monetization Solution

Gain customers insights and learn about their needs. Turn your Public Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool with Ad-Sponsored and Pay-As-You-Go features.

Plans start at $9.99/month

No credit card required

How it works?

SOCIFI is a solution tailored for your needs. You simply open an account at, configure your equipment based on our manuals and you are all set. No surprises, no commitment. See for yourself.

Add Your Configured Wi-Fi Meraki under your SOCIFI account. Need any help? Contact us anytime at your convenience.

Get all the analytical and monetization solution from SOCIFI hassle-free. Premium Accounts Start At $9.99/month


Premium Access

Offer Premium Internet Access on your Wi-Fi network to the visitors. They can pay via credit card, through a secure payment gateway.

Secure payment gateway

Credit / debit cards support

Custom pricing plans support

Custom speed & duration limits

7-Day Free. See For Yourself.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. No commitments. 

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