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How To Engage Your Visitors And Get Insights? Use SOCIFI's Guest Wi-Fi solution with Social Wi-Fi features.

How SOCIFI works for Wi-Fi venue?

The captive portal feature blocks clients from accessing the network until user verification has been established. Authenticated users must be validated before access is granted.

Increase Local

SOCIFI is the right solution to increase your revenue and boost your ROI. Get unexpected results and user experience, know your customers, increase your revenue and get analytic data. Local Awareness is the key.

Wi-Fi Marketing, Increase local Awareness

Authentication & Yield Management

It’s up to you to set the ratio between displaying your news, entertainment & third-party ad campaigns that generate you the new income. Decide between social media or simple click-through authentication methods.

Social Wi-Fi Authentication

Brand Page

This is the very first page that the customer sees. Building brand awareness in a way no-one has before. Authentication of the user is happening on this page. Social WiFi such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus & Phone, Email & Pay-Thru are available.

Wi-Fi Captive Portal with Click-Through Authentication

Brand Page

This is the first page the customer sees. Building brand awareness in a way no-one has before. When you select "Click-Through" authentication customer can access the internet without any authentication.

Unique Full-Screen Advertisement

On the second page, you can display your own ads, messages, surveys or promotions. And remember, you can always combine them with Third-Party Ads & Messages.You set the ratio between them. You are the master here.

Wi-Fi Marketing example

Native Ad Formats

Click to Website

Click to Website

Create ads to encourage people to visit your website.



Online videos are an exciting and interactive way to engage people and encourage them to visit your site.YouTube video supported!

Offers & Vouchers

Offers & Vouchers

Create offers for your customers to redeem them in the store.

App Install

App Install

Create ads to encourage people to install the app of any kind.

Survey & Feedback

Survey & Feedback

Creating Survey is one of the best ways to engage the visitors. Create a Survey using emoticons to let the visitor express their satisfaction. Or create a Survey using question & answers option.

Social Media

Social Media

Simple promote your Facebook fan page, gain more fans & check-ins and/or promote your Twitter page, gain more followers & tweets. Yeah, that is Social WiFi features in real world.


Premium Access

Offer Premium Internet Access on your Wi-Fi network to the visitors. They can pay via credit card, through a secure payment gateway.

Secure payment gateway

Credit / debit cards support

Custom pricing plans support

Custom speed & duration limits

Benefits for Wi-Fi Venues & Events

Sponsored data connectivity has the power to create a win-win-win scenario.

Revenue Stream

Every tool you need to earn additional revenue for your Wi-Fi. With cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory. Turn your Wi-Fi in a virtual ATM.

Footfall Data

We have all the data you can use with analysing your visitors foot traffic. Get more insights about your prime hours, average visit time and many others. 

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is always at the top of the list of social media and Wi-Fi marketing goals. Brand Awareness is a direct result of social reach, engagement, influence and social presence. 

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

We give you the tools you need to provide insights and allow you to track, manage and optimize campaigns for higher performance. Turn your free WiFi into modern WiFi Marketing tool.

Hotspots Management

Hotspots Management

Manage all your WiFi access points registered in SOCIFI Dashboard directly from your account. Manage session time and bandwidth for free and  pay-as-you-go internet access.

Footfall Traffic Management

Footfall Traffic Management

We have all the experience you can use with analysing your visitors foot traffic. Get more insights about your prime hours, popular routes, average visit time and many others. Measuring and understanding your customers has never been easier.

Branded Welcome Page

Branded Welcome Page

The welcome page on the splash page is fully under your control. You can upload your logo, background and set the best login options you want to provide customers with. And remember, our free Photo Stock Image Bank is ready for you anytime.

High-availability & Scalability

High-availability & Scalability

Built on high-availability Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure Cloud with native support of local environments for enterprise locations and clients.

Pay-As-You-Go Internet

Pay-As-You-Go Internet

Offer Premium Internet Access via Pay-Thru on your WiFi network to the visitors. They can pay via debit & credit card, through a secure payment gateway.

Sms text message verification

SMS Authentication

Do you want to secure your network and minimize illegal activities of some users on your network and meet in-country regulations? Use SMS for User Authentication. SMS Gateway is integrated.


SMS Authentication is an effective tool to minimize unwanted activities of users on your network.

In-country Regulations

Some countries even require authorization using the cell number when connecting to the internet.

User Data

Cell number, which raises the market value will be included in the users' report from now on.

First step Wi-Fi SMS Authentication, step 1

The user must fill in their cell number to receive one-time SMS message with the activation code.

Second step Wi-Fi SMS Authentication, step 2

The user after receiving and entering the activation code can connect to your Free WiFi.

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