GUEST Wi-Fi for Venues

Social Wi-Fi Marketing and Hotspot Monetization, Data Mining, Premium Internet & Analytic.

Wi-Fi Venue Challenges

If you offer Free Public Wi-Fi to your customers, it’s considered a standard service that provides basic access, and never really makes full use of the potential of the network.

Customers want free reliable Wi-Fi to enhance their experience, to connect to their family, to work remotely, to compare prices online.

Successful large Wi-Fi networks are complex projects that require careful planning and can include significant costs.

Our promise is to help you with your Wi-Fi challenges. From now on and forever.

Wi-Fi for venues

Turn Past Into Future

Every day is a new opportunity. Inspire guests when they sign-in for Wi-Fi access. Use our global experience and leave all potential failures behind thanks to our proven expertise.

Wi-Fi Marketing Is Available Now

Best choice for transportation hubs, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, municipal Wi-Fi and other enterprise venues. It's not just a common Wi-Fi. SOCIFI offers a new way of Wi-Fi monetization and communication with your customers. Engage them, promote your services and get hundreds of insights in no time. Use Social WiFi features in your venue to gain more Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Email Addresses and more

Your Public Wi-Fi. Your Treasure.

Revenue Stream

This revenue stream allows you to capitalize on the multimedia space of your network for commercial and advertising partnerships.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is always at the top of the list of social media marketing goals. Brand Awareness is a direct result of social reach, engagement, influence and social presence.

Visitors Engagements

SOCIFI is turning Wi-Fi into a valuable business enabler. Interact with your visitors and use the data for new marketing purposes. 

Customers Insights

Collect feedback from your customers effectively. We provide you with a great tool that gives you the insight you are looking for in no time.

Key monetization drivers

Business Driven By Smart Solutions

SOCIFI solution is ready when you are to drive your business and improve the user experice of your Wi-Fi.

Hotspots Management

Take the control of your network, use features such as bandwidth limitin, user access, Social Wi-Fi, SMS Authentication, In-Session, Premium Access and many others.

Analytics & Insights

Convert unknown visitors into known customers. Collect valuable insights, analyze them & sync user data into popular systems such as Salesforce and others.

Wi-Fi Monetization

Open your network and offer this new media space to advertisers and nearby businesses. Make money thanks to SOCIFI Media Network. In no time. 

New Revenue Streams

Wi-Fi Pre-Authentication Ads

Pre-Authentication Ads

Premium Ads are served on Captive Portal before the visitor connects to the internet. Full-screen, guarenteed delivery and 100% share of voice.  

Wi-Fi In-Session Ads

Generate Leads

Engage the consumers and collect user data. This is the one of the most significant benefits of offering free WiFi at business locations.

Pay-As-You-Go Wi-Fi

Premium Internet

Offer Premium (Pay-As-You-Go) Internet access on your Wi-Fi network. Visitors pay via credit card, through a secure payment gateway.

Comprehensive Solution

We deliver WiFI Monetization and Wi-Fi Marketing tools that help you analyse your foot traffic, generate revenue and increase your brand awareness. Out of the box solution ready to serve.

Revenue Booster

We provide you with the tools you need to earn additional revenue for your Wi-Fi. With SOCIFI cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory. Turn your Wi-Fi in a virtual ATM.

Footfall Analysis

We have all the experience you can use with analysing your visitors foot traffic. Get more insights about your prime hours, popular routes, average visit time and many others. Measuring and understanding your customers has never been easier.

SAAS Solution

Use our incredible high-scalable cloud-based SAAS solution in no time. 

Ad server & campaign management

Easy-to-use cloud-based SOCIFI platform helps you and your advertisers create and manage ad campaigns. Just select Ad Format, upload the creative, define the targeting parameters and within a few clicks you are all set.

Communication & Revenue Stream

It’s up to you to set the ratio between displaying your news, entertainment & third-party ad campaigns that generate you the new income.

SOCIFI Marketplace

SOCIFI Media Network

Third-party Ads & Monetization

Monetization is accomplished with a native mobile application. It is pre-loaded or the customer is provided with a link to download it on their device.

Wi-Fi Advertising Network


From where advertisers come from?

With SOCIFI cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory.
Secure very own & global advertisers and turn your Wi-Fi in a virtual ATM.

Your preffered advertisers

Only local tenants or advertisers that are invited and approved by the publisher are able to advertise at venue’s WiFi.

3rd party advertisers from SOCIFI

Ad campaigns are provided by the 3rd party advertisers.

Global Ad exchanges

Ad Exchanges are a digital marketplaces that enables advertisers to buy advertising space, often through real-time auctions.

Full Control Over Your Network

Bandwidth Limiting

Use a bandwidth cap, also known as a band cap to limit data over a period of time.

Premium Access (Pay-Thru)

Offer Premium (Pay-As-You-Go) Internet Access on your Wi-Fi network. Visitors pay via credit card, through a secure payment gateway.

Authentication Methods

Use many of authentication methods from simple click-thru over social media (Social WiFi) to badge ID.

Multi-Device Ready

SOCIFI is fully responsible solution and supports Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Personal Computers.

SMS Authentication

Allow your users to sign on via SMS Authentication codes that can be used to track them, should they abuse the network.

Built-in RADIUS / AAA

The RADIUS servers are located in our network across all regions hosted by AWS & Microsoft Azure.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Cloud-Based Dashboard

SOCIFI Dashboard manages all your access points, Premium (Pay-As-You-Go) Internet Access, Payment Gateway, Authentication & Authorization, Data Mining and all necessary Reports and Insights you might need.

Data Access & REST API

All data can be retrieved from SOCIFI Dashboard thru a standard CSV file or automatically thru REST API SOCIFI offers for communication & synchronization in real-time.

SOCIFI Cloud Dashboard

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