We are pleased to inform you that SOCIFI improved its services and infrastructure like never before. These changes require additional configuration of your deployment. Please dedicate a few minutes to read about these updates.

Why we did the change that requires your attention?
We know how busy you are and this decision was tough. However, we believe in continuous development and during the last 5 months we were burning the midnight oil to heavily improve our infrastructure, availability and response services on demand.  We’ve several folded the bandwidth of SOCIFI serves and improved our failover solution.

SOCIFI Connect (Captive Portal) was extended and the load balancer works with dynamically assigned range of IP Addresses and brand new RADIUS servers were deployed.

All changes have to be done no later than on 11/14/2016.

What you need to do if you use:

  • Cisco System Controller (WLC)
    • Replace ext-webauth-url value from http://connect.socifi.com to http://connect-ip.socifi.com
    • Update preACL list (Walled Garden)
    • Update RADIUS servers (see below) 

All required changes are highlighted in Cisco Systems Controller (WLC) configuration guide with a red color.

  • Ruckus vSZ (formerly vSCG) or ANTLabs that uses API Authentication or if your master firewall uses enhanced security and only specific SOCIFI servers are allowed to communicate thru the firewall
  • All other devices
    • Update RADIUS servers (see below)


Current (Old) ServersNew Servers
rad-eu-1.socifi.com ( (
rad-eu-2.socifi.com ( (
rad-us-1.socifi.com ( (
rad-ap-1.socifi.com ( (
rad-sa-1.socifi.com ( (

All changes have to be done no later than on 11/14/2016.

After that date, all old servers will join a silicon cemetery. You won’t be able to use SOCIFI if you don’t change your settings prior 11/14/2016.

We’re very sorry to ask you for additional work but we strongly believe you can only benefit from these changes. We’re so happy to having you aboard and your support is highly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@socifi.com.

Petr Chroustovsky
Senior Equipment & Infrastructure Engineer