First Commercial Captive Portal Vendor providing CAP v1.2 compliant emergency messaging on Wi-Fi and Closed Network Environments

San Francisco, California

SOCIFI a leading provider of mobility solutions and services in markets throughout North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, announced completion of it compatibility testing with the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Compliant messaging system. SOCIFI is the market leader in secure and scalable Wi-Fi and LTE sponsored marketing, monetization and analytics. As a result of this compatibility testing, SOCIFI has enabled Wi-Fi Network Operators to provide a greater sense of safety and security to their patrons.

SOCIFI has demonstrated the delivery of emergency messages
from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA)
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)
to devices on closed Wi-Fi networks. The demonstration
was conducted in the FEMA IPAWS Lab in
coordination with the FEMA IPAWS Program Office.

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee’s first standard for homeland security and civil emergency management.


CAP is a simple, flexible data interchange format for collecting and distributing “all-hazard” safety notifications and emergency warnings over information networks and public alerting systems. It is a content standard, deliberately designed to be “transport-agnostic.”  In web-services applications, it provides a lightweight standard for exchanging urgent notifications. CAP can also be used in data-broadcast applications and over legacy data networks.

CAP provides compatibility with all kinds of information and public alerting systems, including those designed for multilingual and special-needs populations. it is fully compatible with the existing national broadcast Emergency Alert System (EAS).

CAP incorporates geospatial elements based on Open GIS Consortium recommendations to permit flexible but precise geographic targeting of alerts.  It provides for associating digital images and other binary information with alerts. It supports various mechanisms for ensuring message authenticity, integrity and confidentiality (where required) including in particular the work of the OASIS Web Services Security and PKI Technical Committees.

CAP has been implemented by agencies and firms including:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • National Weather Service
  • United States Geological Survey
  • California Office of Emergency Services
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Capital Wireless Integrated Network (CapWIN)
  • GeoDecisions, Inc.
  • E Team
  • Blue292
  • Warning Systems, Inc.
  • Comlabs, Inc.
  • mobileFoundations
  • Ship Analytics
  • MyStateUSA
  • IEM, Inc.
  • Hormann America, Inc.
  • Oregon RAINS
  • NDS, Ltd.

CAP-capable applications have been deployed in multi-vendor events and field trials in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Florida, Nevada and California. CAP data elements have been incorporated in the U.S. Department of Justice’s “Global Justice XML Data Model”.

CAP has been endorsed by the National Emergency Management Association’s Preparedness Committee, the Partnership for Public Warning, the ComCARE Alliance, the Emergency Interoperability Consortium and the Capital Wireless Integrated Network (CapWIN).

Moreover, advertisers, on the other hand, can now also make the most of their advertising efforts through accurate consumer targeting based on location, demography or time. With features like day parting, demographic, device and geo-targeting, this solution makes it possible to have high engagement rates and is also a very effective tool for gathering customer feedback, distributing coupons, offers, targeted messaging as well as relevant App distribution.


SOCIFI has already introduced the service in the North American Market with Wi-Fi network owners and is preparing to work with customers throughout the global marketplace.  The service is available to all customers today, however, National Emergency Alerting Procedures must be followed and coordinated prior to implementing outside the North American market.

Zdenek Hornych, CEO, SOCIFI Inc. commented: “At SOCIFI we believe in disrupting the Mobile Data Market. In this complex digital age, we help businesses measurably improve the communication with their customers. We believe in the future of Mobile Data Sponsorship & Subscribers’ Engagement and partnering with the local influencers and leaders is a part of our strategy. SOCIFI’s experience with clients has provided insight into the changing nature of WiFi and to address those concerns, SOCIFI has developed safety and security modules as key components of the solution, so it is no longer necessary to focus on monetization as a primary necessity.

SOCIFI helps businesses reach their visitors that are connected to their network by delivering relevant content directly to their mobile devices to better connect with them and improve the customer experience.

SOCIFI knows that the future is privacy and there is more to communicating with consumers than just advertising. SOCIFI provides a platform for communicating in a way that addresses security and connection privacy that subscribers are most concerned about. For more information visit