It’s a big day today for SOCIFI. We would like to introduce you something we’re incredibly proud of. It means a big step to move SOCIFI in terms of big data and significant benefit for all SOCIFI Publishers and Advertisers.

We’re introducing our brand new SOCIFI Data Core system
The new system which counts all the data that is transferred between the Visitor and the Publisher and immediately reflects them in the real-time to each system and subsystem in SOCIFI solution such as SOCIFI Analytics, SOCIFI Advertising, SOCIFI Pay-Thru and other tools.

Right now, at this moment, we’re launching a new update of the current Dashboard and you’ll see the new update in your Dashboard now. Hurray!

What’s new?

  • Smart & Precise Formulas. During the past year, part of our development team led by Head of R&D Vojta was working days and nights to provide you with the most precise analytical data from your WiFi & 4G networks under one single place. We’ve developed SOCIFI Data Core (DC) system.  State-of-the-art technology that won’t let you down.
  • Real-Time. All information you need to know is available at the same place as before, just with one main difference. All of the data is available in real-time. Interested in the latest data from the last hour? Or minute? That’s not a heavy lift anymore!
  • Super Speed. Minimum latencies mean much faster and more pleasant experience with the data.

And what’s even better? The new SOCIFI Data Core system is one of the main pieces in the Dashboard 2.0 puzzle. The new Dashboard 2.0. will bring a user experience redesigned from the scratch. We burn the night oil to deliver you these new updates as soon as humanly possible.

During the upcoming months, we’ll be tweaking SOCIFI Data Core system to deliver you outstanding insights.

SOCIFI DC team of Vojtech, Jan, Jiri, Michal and Honza did an incredible job and I strongly believe you’ll immediately get in love with the new Real-Time Data you’ll soon start getting into your Dashboards.

Vojtech & Jiri testing SOCIFI Data Core system.

Absolutely none of this would be possible without you and we are grateful to having you all aboard! You’re the best.

May the WiFi be with You

Zdenek Hornych