SOCIFI has a strong and experienced team of professionals and we are excited to introduce every single person to you in a short mini-series of interviews. Hope you will like them. Another colleague to be introduced is Zbynek Hrase, SOCIFI’s Head of Product & PM.


What three words would you use to describe your role?

Perception, Goal, Endurance.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

This is not always the same. A brand new day is always a good reason to wake up and stand up. Then there is more than one reason to enjoy the day. It would be a morning run in a morning sunlight or breakfast with my family. And then the chance to make a better world with our team and product. But always it is meet up with great people we cooperate and get in touch with. Doesn’t matter if they are colleagues from the office, partners or clients. There is still chance to meet great new people around the world and here in SOCIFI is the chance higher than in case of such a local company.

What is the best part of work with SOCIFI? 

An opening of new gates/doors. We’re not standing on one place and it’s fascinating. I like to cooperate with open-minded people and we have one of the best teams I ever have. And the new steps, a building new markets, it’s a good scenario to enjoy the mutual entertainment with us together.

, SSOCIFI’s Head of Product & PM3. Prague_Tri-Challange_2017

What’s your favorite blog?

Huh, there is not only one on the top of the list. I like to read across more than one topic – so there is not one right answer. I can enjoy articles about a blockchain the same way as parenting ones.

The greatest challenge in your professional life so far?

It is always in front of me. When we see the situation in the back-mirror it seems to be easier. So if I could to get a few steps back, it was the situation with the first IT product (a personalization engine – auth.note) we did with my previous team. It was a great idea, but we missed to have a good marketing research and a user’s feedback. We aimed at a small local market. After one year of development, we found a product more complicated, limited and not-enough wanted that we had to stop the development. And a right decision at that moment wasn’t easy.

Name 3 things you can´t imagine to live without.

My family. Good friends. New challenges 🙂


What kicks you off if you are feeling down, tired or just fed up?

It’s a tricky question – three in one. Mentally tired or just fed up – there is always sport to help me stand up and go on with a smile. I can say something about the endorphins addiction ;-). A feeling down is sometimes a question of the time or confidence to be ready to go on.

Where do you see SOCIFI/yourself in five years?

No idea 🙂 For tech world the 5yrs period is so long just to guess a future. For myself, that’s a question – maybe laying on a beach, surfin’, and drinkin’ coco juice from a nut or working hard with the global team on the next chapter of SOCIFI legend.

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