SOCIFI has a powerful and experienced team and we believe we should introduce it. From now on, we will be introducing our members one by one and you will see who you work with and who is building the platform you rely on.

Hope you will enjoy these interviews. Let’s start with Vojtech Kijensky, SOCIFI’s Head of R&D.

What makes you the most fun in SOCIFI?

In SOCIFI, the great technology, the great product and then the great team make me most fun! We are developing a platform, with its complexity only a few people can compete with. We often move on the edge of the described and documented parts of the technology that we implement.

I enjoy discovering the hidden options and interconnecting individual technology in a particular whole, and that makes our product so complex and clever. Without our team, the product would not be the same as it is today. Everyone’s skills are unique and I would definitely say that each member of SOCIFI is absolutely irreplaceable.


What motivates you to be excited about something?

If I see the unknown technology behind it and the hidden potential beyond it, it motivates me to go through it, because sometimes, there will be a connection that hasn’t occurred to anyone us before. Another motivation is the benefit that will bring it to the client and thus to the end users. I would not enjoy doing something that nobody would use or I would not be convincing about the meaning of my job.

What kicks you off in the morning?

I love good coffee, most espresso 🙂 If you follow the ritual of the preparation process and you have good coffee, that just makes my mornings perfect. Thanks to my colleague, I found a small coffee roaster near my cottage, where I keep buying the best coffee. Mornings are about little things, I like to go hiking, and I like thinking about what I’ve been doing and how to continue, and often these minutes will decide the whole day.

In the morning, I am always delighted to greet all my colleagues with a few words. We talk about everything before our regular “standup”, where we discuss the day plan. It helps relieve stress in the team and improves the personal approach to work. SOCIFI Blog - Head of R&D

What technology would you like to learn to work with?

There is more than one. If I want to design the architecture of a part of the platform or implement technology into service, I can’t do it unless I learn more about things related to that. I definitely want to keep improving my skills and knowledge. Very often, our research will lead us into new, yet uncharted areas, and reveal another hidden technology potential or implementation capability. We are also mastering theoretical programming.

I want to expand my knowledge in SaaS designs and network communications and protocols. I love the area and I definitely want to improve cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment and intra-service orchestration.

For years it’s been talked about IoT and I really think that the best is still expecting us. The best technology is, in my view, the one the user does not deliberately think about, yet it can make his life more enjoyable.

Where do you see SOCIFI/yourself in five years?

I believe that SOCIFI can be a technological leader in the captive-portal and cloud configuration of medium and large companies in a few years, including the provision of analytical data. We offer a platform for everything starting from the configuration of the environment to the campaign management and more. That leads us to work more with the major hardware manufacturers to implement the profile for a simple configuration and connection of the hotspot to the network.

We also offer a platform for mobile platform integration, and several new technologies are being born in our incubator, and I do not want to anticipate wherever they go and what they can do, but we are undoubtedly looking for great things that are already surprisingly interesting among our Partners.

I personally would like to focus my work on expanding the platform to open it to other developers and companies and institutions. I’d love to see the possibility that anyone could expand the platform and the part that is missing or wants to modify its functionality. Whether the hotspot driver, the output of analytical data, or a new presentation format.

We can program a lot of good things on our own, but there are a lot of great developers around the world who can get involved with their ideas. Just give them a good foundation.

What made you happy in the last time?

Every success of every team member makes me happy! Every successful implementation of new technology, or the discovery of a new path that pushes our personal boundaries.


Is there anything in your life that you would like to change?

I can’t think of anything. If I wanted to change something, I’d probably do it! There is no point of waiting for the change to happen. Life is short for that. On the other hand, I like dialogue and I don’t see things in black and white. Every life attitude and desire has a lot of shades.

Is there something that helps you work on your professional growth?

The unparalleled variety of assignments from our clients and partners force us to invent new paths, so it brings something new every day. I think if someone says that he can do everything, he should change the profession. Every new thing opens the door to several others. It is not enough to memorize all RFCs with any particular technology or language documentation. If the developer is unable to use it properly, they are useless.

Another thing that helps me a lot is overlapping professions. Thanks to the knowledge of several cloud platforms, Linux, databases, stream processing, cloud architecture, and integration, they can design applications and services more efficiently. I’m not talking about theory now. Practice is quite different. Lots of services have their limits that you need to know and consider them. You need to think about security and separate the parts of the platform. You also need to think about availability and reliability. And about backups. And about many other things, which I really enjoy putting together.

SOCIFI Blog - Head of R&D

What did SOCIFI give/take you?

The work at SOCIFI has been a challenge from the beginning because we are working on products that only a few people in our world are engaged in.

It gave me a lot of knowledge from various disciplines, which I am proud of. I’ve met a lot of interesting people in my career, and I work with a great team.

And what did SOCIFI take away from me? Time, much time! Even that time I’m supposed to spend with my family. Work is demanding lots of time and there is no regular working time for me. When I get too focused on what I’m doing, I can’t turn it off and I keep thinking about it in the middle of the night. Very often.

We also have supervised 24/7 monitoring and relatively tight limits to notify me if there is any indication of a potential problem. We try to solve it before it actually happens, even if it’s a false alarm. Thanks to the coverage of all major continents, we have a peak all day – from midnight to midnight.

How do you relax and clear your head after work?

Head cleaning is kind of tricky thing. See the previous answer. My family helps me a lot, and then sports, or the combination of both. I like hiking, biking, shooting, and trimming. There is little time for everything, yet I try to find it.

I love manual work when something tangible, non-virtual.

For example, in the carpeting, I try to do things honestly, as my grandfather did. The work has taught me tremendous patience and made me be two steps ahead. Every bad step is seen immediately and is very difficult to be repaired.

Vojtech Kijensky
SOCIFI Head of R&D

SOCIFI Blog - Head of R&D