Interested in buying Wi-Fi hotspot? Not sure which one to go for?

There are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots on the market but just some of them can offer reliable solution that can help you to get the most out of SOCIFI. Our technical team has prepared a list of these hotspots that were proven and we have just positive experience with them.


Increase your foot traffic and reach more customers. Your SSID must be seen!

You’ve got to the stage where you have a working WiFi network. Your advertising campaigns in SOCIFI Dashboard are set, ready to reach a wide audience and gain analytical data that you want to use for other marketing purposes. But there still could be a one small problem, that we’d like to help you solve.


Achievements and tips for working with PayThru, reliable tool for providing Premium Internet

Providing WiFi Premium Internet has never been easier. Thanks to our PayThru feature, premium access may be offered by everyone to anyone. All you need is SOCIFI account and reliable and well-built Wi-Fi network. Today we’d like to share with you the achievements of your clients thanks to PayThru feature and we’ll reveal tips that …