SOCIFI Launches Blockchain-Based Investment ICO

SOCIFI Launches Blockchain-Based Investment ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for its Further Global Expansion in the Field of Sponsored Data SOCIFI Ltd. has announced its ground-breaking ICO, Investment Coin Offering, making it the first Sponsored Data & WiFi technology company in the world to offer an investment possibility allowing investors to receive profit sharing, voting rights …

SOCIFI Tracking Pixel URL

SOCIFI Custom Tracking Pixel for Media Agencies and Advertisers

Usually, we wait with new features announcements to the next newsletter. But this aย specialย one. Today, we have launched Tracking Pixel URLs for all accounts and clients. With such a feature you can measure Views (Impressions) and Clicks thru your own (or third-party) monitoring/reporting system you use. Tracking Pixel is used for the purpose of tracking …


Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet) Transactions Overview

We have great news for all clients using SOCIFI Pay-Thru (Pay-As-You-Go Internet). With Pay-Thru you can enable Premium Paid Internet Plans and monetize your network with another tool. No wonder that now we proudly present Pay-Thru Overview 1.0B. The first version of Pay-Thru Overview is in Beta stage only but you can get it even …


New SOCIFI Captive Portal Co-branding

SOCIFI has launched a new feature allowing you to co-brand the main Captive Portal page. With this option, you can easily add a logo or a campaign creative on this page to improve brand awareness of your products, services or your sponsor. How to enable co-branding feature? Login to your SOCIFI Dashboard Visit Settings – …


Meet the new SOCIFI Data Core system

Itโ€™s a big day today for SOCIFI. We would like to introduce you something weโ€™re incredibly proud of. It means a big step to move SOCIFI in terms of big data and significant benefit for all SOCIFI Publishers and Advertisers.