Enjoying summer? We hope you are. SOCIFI is working hard to make it even more enjoyable for you. This month we are presenting two big news. For today, we chose to introduce you to SOCIFI’s new feature that will help all WiFi providers to secure their obligations in their country. Please, meet SMS authentication.

Our hottest news – SMS authentication – is a simple way of user authentication via SMS. Wondering what are the benefits of this functionality? And how to use SMS as authentication? And how can you engage in public testing? We will tell you right now.

Why SMS authentication?

  • SMS authentication is an effective tool to minimize the unwanted activities of users on your network
  • In some countries, you’ll meet a statutory obligation to authorize a user using a mobile number when entering Free public WiFi hotspots.
  • The data about users will now include the mobile number, which raises the market value.


The SMS authentication popup on the Captive portal.

How SMS authentication work?
SMS authentication doesn’t require any complicated setup. Just one click on your SOCIFI Dashboard and SMS authentication feature is activated. The customer is authenticated by his very first connection. Once authenticated he can continue to login next time without authentication because we are able to verify his identity based on the MAC address. If desired, you are able to set how often you would like to verify the customer (every other month, annually etc.)

  1. Once connected to your Free WiFi, the new SMS authentication popup appears on the Splash page
  2. The user must fill in their mobile number to receive one-time SMS message with the activation code.
  3. The user after receiving and entering the activation code can connect to your Free WiFi.

Only two steps to check user identity.

And what about the charges?
Using the SMS authentication feature is completely free of charge. The only thing you pay is the fee for SMS messages. (These are charged at regular intervals to be debited to your  SOCIFI account). You can find more information about charges for SMS messages in our Support Center

Refundable investment
With SOCIFI, each publisher is provided with data about their users who connect to their hotspots. These data have a significant market value. Thanks to the SMS authentication you get a verified mobile number and user data, that might be even more valuable.

Are you already interested in activation?
SMS authentication feature is on request. Just write us at support@socifi.com, provide us with your account information, and we will activate this SMS authentication feature in your Dashboard. Further, you will also get more instruction from our consultants.

I’d love to test SMS authentication

Are you already thrilled what the other big news is? Stay tuned … will be presented very soon!