Advertising Dream Come True

Be seen by your customers when they're connecting to free sponsored Wi-Fi or 4G network. Advertise within SOCIFI Media Network and your ads get 100% engagement, 100% share of voice and 100% viewability rate.

100% Share Of Voice

We respect you. Therefore you always get 100% of advertising presence & strength. Never less. Never share the space.

100% Delivery Rate

We deliver. Your ads will always get 100% of delivery rate. Never less. That’s our promise to your brand.

up to 70% CTR

We perform. The uniquness of Native Ads drives your sales. Extremely high & proven click-through rate.

How Masses Are Engaged

Following video shows how easy is to improve customer engagement, understand your customers better and promote your brand.

You Control. You Decide. We Deliver.

Set the your budget and craft your message by using our tools.

Be seen by your targeted audience whenever you decide.

Get new customers and increase valuable awareness.

Advertising & Communication

SOCIFI brings you a unique solution that is closer to communication on social networks than traditional digital advertising. Reach out your target audience whenever you wish. No Limits. No Surprises.

Increase Brand Awareness

SOCIFI enables a great opportunity for businesses to reach people by ads all over the world and at the same time boost local awareness and reach potential customers in the desired area.

SOCIFI is the best way to reach people at your location and keep your business in their mind.

Wi-Fi Marketing, Increase local Awareness

Your Budget. Your Decision.

You know your core business. You make own decisions. We focus on your target audience.

Flexible Budgeting

You are the commander. You set your preferred CPM and bid with others.

No Delivery - No Fee

We guarantee 100% of delivery of each impression. Always. Forever.

Hassle-free Payments

Build-in secure & trusted billing tools help you to focus on your core business. 

Precise Targeting


Geo-targeting allows you to target customers in certain hotspots, geo locations or venues.

Device & OS Targeting

Target mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop users or even just a particular operating system.

Demographic Targeting

Target your ads based on gender, age & social media profile. Make the message targeted.

Day Parting

Day Parting allows you to limit an ad to serve on specific days, time or both.

Powerful Cloud-Based Dashboard

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Thanks to SOCIFI you can control every single aspect of In-Session Ads Technology. 

In-Sessions Targeting

Target your captive on-the-go audience thru highly targeted and valuable In-Session Ads. It's not about Ads only. Thru In-Sessions you provide your customers with a voice. Use In-Sessions for communication to improve your business.

SOCIFI Cloud Dashboard

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Get up to $150 free credit for online advertising!

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